❖ stained glass lover ❖

Available for contract/freelance work
Commission status: open


❖ Hello! My name is Irina but you can also call me Eshpur.
I`m a fulltime freelance artist who's in love with stained glass style and fond of medieval studies and symbolism.
❖ I'm interested in contract and freelance work — illustration, cover art and TTRPG projects.❖ Current and recent clients:
Magic: The Gathering, LitJoy Crate, Exalted Funeral, Wraithmarked Creative
❖ Сontact information:
Twitter: @eshpur
E-mail: [email protected]
❖ Сurrent commissions queue:

Terms of service

Please read the TOS before commissioning me.


All information about commissions types and prices.



Bust100-170 USD

You will get:
- PNG files with 5-7 angles (I do rendering with lighting in Marmoset Toolbag 3)
- Image with background and several angles (can be used as a reference)
- Short video with rotating model
- OBJ File and Original Zbrush File

Terms of service

I draw:

Any species (humans, monsters, anthro, fantasy creatures and). I can work with kind of gore: blood, scars, wounds etc.

I don`t draw:

Sparkle characters, references, NSFW (except artistic nudity), extreme fetishes, etc.

Price can be increased for:
- Extra characters (about x1-x1.5 price for extra character)
- Text description of a character without any reference or arts (this way I also do work with original visualisation of your design)
- Very complicated character design
- Small time limits (+20% two weeks)


- I accept payment via Paypal, Paysend, bank transfers (for commercial orders)
- Full payment after accepted composition sketch. If your order costs more then 200$, you can ask me about opening payment plan. Usually it’s half of payment after composition sketch and second half of payment after detailed sketch, but we can discuss it.

Working stages

- You send me a note with reference and a description of what you want. Please describe important details, but I want to warn that my English is not very good and longreads can confuse me, it's possible that I miss something.
- I'm sketching a few sketches of the composition, you can choose one of the options and make edits.
- After accepting the sketch you send payment.
- After payment I will continue working and I will send you WIPs (the more detailed is work, the more stages I will show you). Usually, when working on stained-glass art, I have stages of: composition sketch - detailed sketch - line with flat color - final.
- Edits are possible at any stage, but only if they relate to it. (it is impossible to change the composition in color stage, or line in the final stage). If I made a mistake with anatomy/etc or missed some of your descriptions, which were given before, changes are free. But if you missed things or changed your mind, you pay extra price for every change (from 5$ for small details and more for comlex edits).
Usually I complete the work in a 4-8 weeks (depends on type of work and queue length) but also I often have troubles with health, so it can take a bit longer. If I didn’t finished the work in 6 months (without negotiated deadline), I can send all your money back, if you want.

Wait list system

I try to pick as many commissions at once as I can do without delays. So if my to-do list is full - I add customers into a wait list. You can see the current size of wait list and vacations on my Trello.
When I add you to wait list, I always tell you rough date when I’ll be ready to take your commission, so please let’s respect each other: I always try to note you again at the mentioned time, and it would be better, if you won’t delay with payment, when we start working.

Other details

- I try to check my mails and notifications every day, but sometimes I’m taking day-offs to rest and recharge. But if I don’t answer you within 4-5 days don't hesitate to remind me - perhaps I've missed the message or it went to spam!- Given the process of my work as well as the methods of accepting payment, I am forced to add rules for the impossibility of any refunds and/or cancellation of commissions.- I will not decrease my prices and bargaining is inappropriate. Commissions are not my hobby, that’s my only source of income and I pay for my food, medication and room with this money. Thank you for understanding this.- And I can change prices sometimes. Not for a big amount at once. If you were in my wait list, when I changed prices, prices will remain the same for you.- The prices are counted for non-commercial commissions. If you want to get art for commercial project from me, we should discuss it in person. Same situations with NDA commissions - if you don’t want me to publish this art anywhere.- All copyrights for artwork are remaining with me. You can publish it anywhere you want and use it as you wish (in non-commercial way), but please indicate me as an author of artwork. And please ask, if you want to change/redraw something in artwork yourself. Version without watermark is only for your own use.

Price list

- Paysend
- Paypal

Main info:
- Full payment after composition sketch
- I draw any species (humans, monsters, anthro, fantasy creatures and etc.)
- The prices below are counted for non-commercial commissions.
- English is not my native language. Please, write briefly and clearly. And I`m sorry for my mistakes.
I need to get from you:
- Character(s) visual reference(s)
- Order description and your wishes


CLOSED (but wait list open)

Icon50 USD
Headshot150-200 USD
Portrait200-350 USD
Half body400-550 USD
Full body550-800 USD

The price depends on the complexity of the character and may increase due to complex parts such as wings and decor.



Simple100-300 USD
Complex350-700 USD

I can draw symbolic items for character.
Weapons, accessories, flowers, minerals, insects, etc.
The price depends on the complexity and number of items.

Black and white ART


Portrait150-300 USD

Possible accents using additional colors.
The price depends on the complexity of the character.

Ornament ART


Portrait100-150 USD

This type of work combines symbols and ornaments, I can include in the ornaments everything reflects the character and his story.
The price depends on the complexity and number of parts.



I experiment a lot with my style, so not everything can be categorized.
If you want to see anything in one of my styles, we can discuss it.
The price will depend on the complexity of the work.